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Counseling Services

While at ISU, you might encounter unexpected challenges, leading to confusion, anxiety, anger, or sadness. Life events can be overwhelming, but remember, you don't have to face them alone. Student Counseling Services can help you navigate these moments with free and confidential services tailored to your needs.

End of Summer Single-session Counseling Appointments

As we near the end of summer, SCS will offer students new to SCS a Single-session Counseling appointment instead of the standard initial Triage appointment from July 22 - August 9. Single-session Counseling appointments are solution-focused to provide immediate support with the challenges affecting you before the new semester begins. You can schedule by walking into SCS, calling  (309) 438-3655, or by clicking the link below.

Schedule Single-session Counseling

Single-session Counseling appointments are 45 minutes long. Please plan to arrive 30 minutes before the start time to complete the required paperwork.  For helpful information about Single Session Counseling appointments, visit our  FAQ page   .

Triage - Your Initial Appointment with SCS

Student Counseling Services

The services below require an initial Triage appointment before sessions can be scheduled.

  • Individual Counseling

    Short-term therapy is all about giving students the tools and techniques they need to address their concerns. During these 50-minute sessions, our counselors can help you with immediate concerns, set specific goals, and support you through working towards achieving those goals. Attend up to 12 sessions an academic year, or 20 sessions throughout your degree journey.

  • Group Counseling

    Join small groups (up to 10 students) for 90-minute weekly therapy sessions led by a counselor. Receive support and encouragement, improve interpersonal relationships, develop better self-esteem, and learn how to manage social concerns with peers facing similar challenges in a confidential setting. We provide two group options: General Process Groups or Population Specific Groups (Students of Color, LGBTQ+, Eating Disorders/Body Image). Attend as many sessions as you need throughout your degree journey.

  • Relaxation Room

    Discover relaxation techniques in our cozy space for stress relief. With comfy chairs, bio-feedback tools, soothing music, art supplies, yoga mats, pillows, and gentle lighting, it's designed for your comfort. Let our staff guide you through a personalized journey, including deep breathing, mindfulness meditation, art therapy, full-body relaxation, and more.

The services below do not require an initial Triage appointment.

  • Same-day Crisis Walk-in Services

    If you're facing life-threatening situations, traumatic crises, or serious mental health challenges, we offer  Same-day Crisis Walk-in Services,  Monday through Friday, 10am through close. Some examples of mental health emergencies may include: suicidal/homicidal thoughts or actions, a recent incident of sexual assault, or the death of a significant person in your life. For same-day crisis appointments, please visit us in room 320 on the third floor of the Student Services Building or call (309) 438-3655 .

  • Confidential Advising

    If you have experienced a recent incident of sexual assault or relationship violence, our Confidential Advisors offer emergency and ongoing support. Confidential Advisors are trained to assist students, explain rights, and communicate with campus authorities as requested by the student. Importantly, they don't have to report of incidents of sexual assault and/or relationship violence to the University, unlike other faculty and staff. For Confidential Advising appointments, come visit us in room 320 on the third floor of the Student Services Building  or call  (309) 438-3655 .