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Frequently Asked Questions

For additional questions or concerns about services that are not covered below, please call (309) 438-3655 to speak with a member of the SCS team.

  • Do you charge for services?
No, currently all services provided by the SCS are offered on a free, voluntary, and confidential basis.
  • Are Counseling Services confidential?
Yes, with few exceptions all information shared during counseling sessions is confidential. Our Confidentiality Statement outlines these exceptions.
  • How do I schedule an appointment?

Your initial visit to SCS, known as a Triage appointment can be scheduled online or by calling (309) 438-3655. Once you have completed your initial Triage appointment, all other appointments for Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, or Relaxation Room sessions can be scheduled directly through your Counselor.

  • What is your cancellation policy?
If you must miss an appointment, please cancel at least 24 hours in advance, either by notifying your counselor or calling (309) 438-3655. SCS can terminate a course of therapy if a you miss (no-shows or cancels late) 3 sessions during a round of individual or group therapy. Appointments canceled with less than 24 hours notice are considered late cancellations.
  • How long are counseling sessions?
Individual and Couples Counseling sessions are 50-minutes long. Group Counseling sessions are 90 minutes.
  • Can I schedule sessions over Zoom?
Individual and Couples Counseling sessions can be scheduled virtually by contacting your counselor or requesting virtual options during your initial Triage appointment. SCS also offers "Let's Talk" virtual sessions over Zoom. "Let's Talk" are relaxed chats with a counselor and do not require an initial Triage appointment to participate.
  • How many counseling sessions can I attend?
For Individual and Couples Counseling, you can attend 12 sessions per academic year, and 20 total sessions during your degree completion. For Group Counseling, you can attend as many sessions as desired during degree completion.
  • What types of issues can I discuss with a counselor?
Students come to Student Counseling Services for a variety of reasons, including academic, work, social, family, and financial stressors. Some also face clinical issues like anxiety, depression, substance misuse, or body image and eating concerns. Our SCS team is here to assist, providing support for students navigating these challenges.
  • Can counselors prescribe medication?
No, SCS counselors cannot prescribe medications. Students can contact Student Health Services by calling (309) 438-8655 to discuss medication options. SCS can however assist students by providing direct referrals to SHS. Please speak with your counselor to request a SHS referral.
  • Who are your counselors?
Student Counseling Services staff of mental health professionals includes licensed clinical psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, counselors, and doctoral interns.
  • What if I feel like my counselor is not a good fit?
Students who feel like their counselor may not be the right fit are encouraged to speak with their counselor directly as a first step before seeking reassignment. SCS Counselors understand that the client/counselor relationship is very important and are committed to working with you to find the best treatment options.