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Contact Us

All Counseling staff may be reached through the main phone number at (309) 438-3655. Counseling staff members and their email addresses are listed below. Before contacting a member of Student Counseling Services please note that e -mail is neither a secure nor a confidential medium. If you are concerned that someone other than SCS staff may read your email, consider phoning (309) 438-3655, or dropping by our office instead.

Please direct all outreach requests, including interviews of SCS staff members for projects or articles, to the Outreach Coordinator by calling (309) 438-3655 or email Dr. Jillian Richardson. Requests that are made to other SCS staff members will not be responded to.

If you have questions or concerns about our services, you may speak with any staff member, or contact Dr. Carrie Haubner, Associate Director for Clinical Services at (309) 438-3655.

E-mail is not appropriate if you are contacting us in an emergency or when a timely response is critical.

SCS Clinical Staff

Staff Member Position Contact
Sandy Colbs, Ph.D Director slcolbs@ilstu.edu
Allyson Hawkins, Ph.D Associate Director for Programs ahawkin@ilstu.edu
Kim Hays, Ph.D Associate Director for Training kahays@ilstu.edu
Carrie Haubner, Psy.D Associate Director for Clinical Services cahaubn@ilstu.edu   
David F. Adams, Ph.D. Staff Psychologist dfadams@ilstu.edu
Lisa Albaugh, MS Staff Counselor lmalbau@ilstu.edu
Danielle D. Beasley, M.S.W., L.S.W. Staff Counselor, Case Manager ddbeasl@ilstu.edu
Charles Titus Boudreaux, Ph.D Staff Psychologist cvboudr@ilstu.edu
Megan Gu, Ph.D. Staff Psychologist sgu12@ilstu.edu
Jennifer Hamilton, M.S.,L.C.P.C. Staff Counselor jlhall12@ilstu.edu
Carrie Haubner, Psy.D Staff Psychologist cahaubn@ilstu.edu
 Angie House, M.S. Staff Counselor akhouse@ilstu.edu
Samantha Kurkjian, Psy.D. Sports Psychologist sckurkj@ilstu.edu 
Gina Meyer, Ph. D Staff Psychologist rlmeyer@ilstu.edu
Andy Novinska, M.S., L.C.P.C. Staff Counselor apnovin@ilstu.edu
Stacy Parton, M.A., L.C.P.C. Staff Counselor slparto@ilstu.edu
Dakesa Pina, Ph.D Staff Counselor ddpina@ilstu.edu  
Jillian Richardson, Psy.D. Staff Psychologist jnricha1@ilstu.edu
Shawn Soule, MS Staff Counselor spsoule@ilstu.edu
Corey Steele, Ph.D. Staff Psychologist jcstee1@ilstu.edu
Jenni Thome, Ph.D Staff Psychologist jlthome@ilstu.edu

SCS Support Staff

Staff Member Position E-mail Address
Nancy Hannah Office Support Specialist nlhanna@ilstu.edu
Judy Hinshaw Office Support Specialist jahinsh@ilstu.edu
Pat Sherrard Administrative Clerk pcsherr@ilstu.edu

SCS Doctoral Interns

Staff Member Position E-mail Address
Emma Bucher Staff Counselor, Doctoral Intern ektaufe@ilstu.edu
John Forrette Staff Counselor, Doctoral Intern jmforr1@ilstu.edu
Nathaniel Schapiro Staff Counselor, Doctoral Intern nmschap@ilstu.edu
Whitney Woodcox Staff Counselor, Doctoral Intern wewoodc@ilstu.edu

SCS Pre-doctoral Externs

Staff Member Position Contact
Sarah Hecht
 Extern counselor
(309) 438-3655
Matt King
Extern counselor
(309) 438-3655
Bill MacMurray
Extern counselor
(309) 438-3655
Kyle Park Extern counselor (309) 438-3655

SCS Graduate Assistants

Staff Member Position Contact
Kaitlin Wheeler Stress/Anxiety Management
(309) 438-3655
Jeanna Campbell Programs Research
(309) 438-3655
Annie Moten
Outreach Programs
(309) 438-3655

SCS Undergraduate Assistants

Staff Member Position Contact
Rebecca Bove Outreach Intern (309) 438-3655
Melissa Dobry Outreach Intern (309) 438-3655

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