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Sexual Assault

It is important for students to know where to turn for help and what to do in the case of sexual assault. SCS Confidential Advisors are available and are NOT required to report sexual assault incidents to the university, unlike more university faculty and staff. Confidential Advisors can:

  • Provide confidential information on reporting options and possible outcomes, resources and services, survivor rights and orders of protection/no contact orders/"Contact Restrictions"
  • Liaise with other resources and assist with contacting resources and filing a report
  • Assist with accessing interim protective measures and accommodations

Know that most university faculty and staff must report incidents of sexual assault and relationship violence to the university’s  Office of Equal Opportunity, Ethics and Access (OEOEA) . The university is committed to both supporting your well-being and safety and acting to ensure the safety of our campus community and has therefore, established procedures for addressing incidents of sexual misconduct/assault and relationship violence. The survivor, however, determines their level of participation in this process.

Again, Confidential Advisors with the Student Counseling Services do not report these incidents. Talking with someone does not mean that a formal report (police report) of sexual assault has been filed. Filing a report is separate from accessing needed support and recovery services.