Alliance for Change

Alliance for Change is a peer advocate training designed to promote awareness of mental health concerns and information to help and support friends in need.

Become a friendly face offering support and help to survivors of sexual assault. Questions? Contact Gail Trimpe-Morrow at (309)438-3655 or

Help break the silence surrounding sexual violence by anonymously sharing your experience or the experience of someone you know. There is healing in talking, and you are not alone.

Explore positive body image and develop your leadership skills in this fun and informative workshop sponsored by Student Counseling Services and ISU Leads. For more information, call (309) 438-3655 or email Jenni Thome

Join us for a FREE showing of Killing Us Softly-4 by Jean Kilbourne, 7:00 pm at the Normal Theater.Co-sponsored by the Soroptimist Club. A panel discussion will follow including staff and faculty form Student Counseling, Women's and Gender Studies, and School of Communication.

Voices of Discovery is about connecting with others and having an honest and insightful dialogue about diversity issues. To learn more about Voices of Discovery, view the Voices of Discovery video.

Location and Hours

320 Student Services Building

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Wed 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.

How to Make an Appointment

Call (309) 438-3655 or stop by room 320 of the Student Services Building to make an appointment. During your first appointment, a professional counselor will work with you to help you clarify your concerns and explore if ongoing counseling or other services are needed. All counseling services are confidential and provided without charge. Psychiatric consultations are also available to discuss issues related to medication.

Apply Now to Participate in Voices of Discover!

Voices of Discovery is a 7-week dialogue group led by trained facilitators to share personal viewpoints, gain self-awareness, and become empowered to make real-world changes and advance social justice. This is a great opportunity for you to expand your own understanding of diversity/social justice issues and to complement your academic studies through experiential learning. If you are looking for opportunities to connect with others on-campus and have an honest, insightful and unexpected conversations about important issues, please register to participate in the Voices of Discovery this spring.

For more information, click here.  To register for Voices of Discovery, click here.

The Body Project (formerly Reflections)

The purpose of The Body Project is to help females establish and maintain a positive body image.  An evidence based eating disorders prevention program, The Body Project endeavors to help participants resist the ultra-thin, unrealistic ideal standard of female beauty prevalent in today's society.  For more information or to schedule The Body Project for your group, contact Jenni Thome, Student Counseling Services at (309) 438-3655.



National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (NEDAW)

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (NEDAW) will be February 23-27, 2015, and Student Counseling Services will be collaborating on a variety of events to raise awareness, reduce risk factors, and help students learn to appreciate their bodies.  For more information about any of these events, please contact Jenni Thome, Ph.D., at or 438-3655.

Monday, Feb. 23 – Join us at at the Bone Student Center 2nd floor concourse from 10-2:00 and win prizes!  Play "Fact or Wack," and learn about the Health At Every Size Initiative.  The Student Fitness Center will be hosting a large format fitness class from 5:00 to 6:00 pm in the SFC focused on health and wellness at every size. This Be You{tiful} Fitness class will feature WERQ as well as yoga.  The first 100 participants will receive a free giveaway!  Check out "Mirrorless Monday" in the residence halls to get a reminder of where your real value does (and does not) come from!

Tuesday, Feb. 24 – Join us for a FREE showing of Killing Us Softly- 4 by Jean Kilbourne at 7:00 p.m. at the Normal Theater.  Co-sponsored by the local Soroptomist Club, there will be a panel discussion following the movie including staff and faculty from Student Counseling Services, Women's and Gender Studies, and the School of Communication.  Student Health Services' Registered Dietitian will be offering an "All Foods Fit" Cooking Demonstration at 2:30 p.m. in SSB 314.  Come learn about why all foods can fit into a healthy diet, and enjoy some samples!

Tuesday, Feb. 24 and Thursday, Feb. 26The Body Project, A fun, interactive, peer-led program, will be offered to female ISU students who are interested in improving body image for themselves and loved ones.  The program will run both days from noon-2:00 p.m. in SSB 376.   Pre-registration is required at  The program is co-sponsored by Student Counseling Services and Health Promotion & Wellness.

Throughout the week – Campus Dining Services and Student Counseling Services will be spreading the message of body acceptance with your java each morning.  Check out your coffee sleeve for more info!


Emergency Helplines

  • Call the Student Counseling Services (309) 438-3655, and if after hours, press "2" at the prompt
  • Providing Access to Help (PATH): 309-827-4005, 1-800-570-7284 or dial 2-1-1
  • Military Veterans Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (Press 1)
  • More Helpline Information

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