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Off-Campus Counseling Services

Below are resources the Student Counseling team has gathered to help students easily connect with off-campus providers.

Welltrack Connect

Welltrack Connect can help students locate and connect with a therapist who best fits their mental health needs. Whether you prioritize location, availability, accepted insurance, price, specialty, gender, language or something else, Welltrack Connect can help you to find the perfect fit.

Creating a Student Account

  • Sign up/in using your central login credentials (your ULID and password)
  • Search for a therapist using their name, specialty, or type of therapy as well as a preferred location.
  • After hitting the initial "Search" button you can select additional search criteria.
  • To view providers in the ISU community of providers only, choose the "More" drop down tab and select ISU under the communities section.
  • For additional user instructions view the Welltrack Connect Support Guide 

Psychology Today

Psychology Today is another resource where students can find providers in their desired community. You have the flexibility to customize your search according to your insurance preferences, specific concerns, the therapist's gender identity, cultural communities served, and various other factors.

Case Manager Referrals

The Case Manager at Student Counseling Services offers free referral assistance for students. Whether you need on-campus or off-campus services, our Case Manager is your go-to person for connecting with the right resources to meet your individual needs. Beyond that, our Case Managers are skilled at helping you find the provider or organization that aligns with your requirements. They can also offer guidance in navigating and understanding your insurance coverage for mental health services. For referral information from the Case Manager please submit the Case Manager Referral Form

Provider Search Through Insurance

Your insurance can help you find mental health providers that are in-network. You can do this by calling the customer service number on the back of your health insurance card, or by going to the insurance carrier’s website and searching for providers. The ISU Student Health Insurance is another very helpful way of providing excellent coverage for mental health counseling.

When you speak with your insurance company it is a good idea to ask the following questions:

  • Which mental health practitioners (psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, licensed counselors) does my policy cover?
  • At what percentage does my policy cover services? 
  • Does my policy have a session limit? 
  • Is there a deductible? (If your policy has a deductible, ask what it is and if you have met any or all of it).
  • Do I have any "out of network" benefits? (Sometimes the insurance will still cover a portion of a provider who is not on their panel which can give you more flexibility to see someone who has been recommended to you).

Student Health Insurance Information

The Student Health Insurance plan has excellent mental health coverage: it will cover outpatient mental health services at 80%, with no session limits. There is a $50 deductible per policy year, which is waived if you have other health insurance. All claim requests are processed through Illinois State University Student Insurance office. In order to insure that your visit is covered, please fill out and return any paperwork sent to you by Student Health Insurance related to your claim. If you do not, you may be responsible for the entire cost of the visit.

If you anticipate seeking mental health care, consider keeping the Student Health Insurance, as sometimes it can be difficult to find providers through other plans.