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Helping Others: Kognito

Knowing how to recognize and respond when others are in distress is an essential skill, whether you are a student, faculty or staff. 

Kognito is an interactive training program that teaches users how to recognize, approach, and assist others in emotional stress by connecting them with the appropriate resources on and off campus. Kognito is listed in the Suicide Prevention Resource Center’s Best Practices Registry. Research shows that people who complete the training experience an increase in confidence in and ability to recognize signs of emotional distress in others, approach the subject, motivate the other to seek help, and discuss a referral to appropriate services.


There are two modules, the Student At-Risk for Students and the Students At-Risk for Faculty & Staff. Each simulation teaches users how to recognize the signs of emotional distress, initiate a conversation using evidence-based communication strategies and make a referral to support services. Please select the module that best fits with and represents your main role on campus. It’s easy to get started. Click on the Kognito link and create an account using the corresponding key code :

  • Students key: ilstustudent
  • Faculty/Staff key: ilstufaculty

Each training simulation takes 30-60 minutes to complete and is structured as a virtual practice environment where users learn by engaging in interactive role-play conversations with emotionally responsive student avatars. Contact Danielle Beasley  (  if interested in scheduling a 1 hour optional debrief group session.