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The Body Project

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Student Counseling Services, in collaboration with Health Promotion and Wellness and the Department of Psychology, offers ISU students the opportunity to engage in the Body Project, a program developed to help establish and maintain a positive body image. Using a variety of fun and engaging media literacy and self-awareness exercises, activities and discussions teach participants to embrace the healthy ideal and their own body image, counter fat-talk in their daily life, promote Body Activism, and embrace non-appearance related characteristics in themselves and in others.

The Body Project is intended for female-identified students, and/or anyone influenced by the ultra-thin-yet-curvy cultural appearance ideal. It is the first scientifically supported eating disorder prevention program, though the main focus of the workshop is on body image. Over 80% of college-age women feel pressured to be a certain weight. Exposure to an unrealistic, ultra-thin ideal through the media can have a devastating effect on self-esteem and the body image of yourself and others. The Body Project is effective in challenging students' perspectives on the ultra-thin ideal and creating a more positive image of themselves.

These trainings are separated into two workshops that last for two hours each.

Please note that requests for the Body Project or Body Project: More Than Muscles will not be accepted during Summer and Winter Break. The programs run during the Fall and Spring semesters only. Additionally, individuals with a history of an eating disorder should wait at least two years post recovery to participate in the program

2023-2024 Body Project Facilitators

Body Project Facilitators

To sign up as a Participant, request the program for your group, or apply to be a Peer Facilitator, see the links on this page. Questions? Please contact Dr. Jeffrey Grimes, Body Image and Eating Disorder Outreach Coordinator, at or Jim Almeda, Health Promotion and Wellness, at

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