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Faculty and Staff

Student Counseling Services (SCS) is the mental health agency for Illinois State University. Its primary goal is to assist students to enhance and facilitate their educational experience at the University. SCS staff members are professional psychologists, social workers, and counselors.

All staff members have been trained to assist students with their personal, educational, and career needs, and have special expertise in dealing with the variety of problems presented by college students. SCS maintains confidentiality in all matters discussed with students.

University students experience stress on a daily basis, working to maintain a balance among academic, social, family, financial, and work demands. While many cope successfully, others have trouble. For some, the pressures become overwhelming. These students may experience a crisis that impairs learning, as well as their ability to function in other areas of life.

As faculty and staff members, you are often the first to notice when students are in trouble. Your willingness to help may make a difference in their ability to survive and succeed academically. We encourage you to include this Statement about Mental Health Resources on all of your course syllabi.

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