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Friendly Faces

The friendly faces campaign is a broad public campaign establishing a voluntary support network, reducing the feelings of isolation frequently felt by student sexual assault survivors. This support network helps survivors receive needed support and services to aid their recovery and increases the public dialogue about sexual violence. Coordination of this program is now provided by Health Promotion and Wellness. Please contact the following for additional information:
Nikki Brauer, Director of Health Promotions and Wellness, (309) 438-8845
Kerri Calvert, Coordinator of Health Promotions and Wellness, (309) 438--7273

How to refer survivors

Survivors can be referred to Student Counseling Services for extensive support and counseling. Services are free, private and confidential. Staff in Student Counseling Services are NOT required to report incidents of sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking. Many of the counselors can provide Confidential Advising to survivors. Student Counseling is located in the Student Services Building, room 320, and can be reached at (309) 438-3655. Emergency walk-in and crisis appointments are available. An on-call counselor is available after hours and on weekends and can be reached at (1-855-256-2188).


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