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Education and Prevention

Educational Programs

A variety of educational and awareness programs are available and can be provided to any student or campus group. Contact Gail Trimpe-Morrow to schedule a program to meet the needs of your group.

Information and educational programs are available on the following topics:

Prevention Programs

There are actions which both men and women can take to reduce the incidence of sexual assault, and create a safer campus community.

Campus Safety Awareness Videos

Two videos have been provided by Security on Campus in recognition of Campus Safety Awareness activities. 

  • Wasted Youth: This is a 20 minute video about high risk alcohol use. The video portrays real stories and real people. If you would like additional information please contact Health Promotion and Wellness at (309) 438-9355 or the Illinois State University's Alcohol Interventionist at (309) 438-2670.
  • Breaking the Silence: This is a 20 minute video which explores the frightening reality of sexual assault on college campuses. Be sure to review the prevention programs which can reduce your risk of an unwanted sexual experience. For additional information, please contact Illinois State University’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Survivor Services Coordinator at (309) 438-7948.

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