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Survivor Services

Help is available and recovery is possible. Talking with someone aids your recovery.  Free and confidential services are available from the Sexual Assault Prevention and Survivor Services program in Student Counseling Services. Telephone (309) 438-7948 or (309) 438-3655 to speak with someone and/or schedule an appointment.
The Sexual Assault Prevention and Survivor Services program provides the following free and confidential services:   

  • Ongoing source of support and advocacy for survivors.
  • Information on available university and community resources
  • Review reporting options and accompany survivor to file either a police or university report – if the survivor chooses to do so.
  • Accompany survivors to needed appointments or meetings 
  • Assist in exploring options for a change in residence.
  • Assist in arranging for contact with course instructors and requesting accommodations needed to maintain academic progress.


Sexual Assault Prevention and Survivor Services and Student Counseling Service provide confidential services and do not report incidents of sexual assault/misconduct or relationship violence to university officials. 

Know that most university faculty and staff must report incidents of sexual assault and relationship violence to the university’s Office of Equal Opportunity, Ethics and Access (OEOEA).  The university is committed to both supporting your well-being and safety and acting to ensure the safety of our campus community and has therefore, established procedures (link to OEOEA) for addressing incidents of sexual misconduct/assault and relationship violence.  The survivor, however, determines his/her level of participation in this process.  Again, the Sexual Assault Prevention and Survivor Services program and Student Counseling Services do not report these incidents.

Talking with someone does not mean that a formal report (police report) of sexual assault has been filed. Filing a report is separate from accessing needed support and recovery services.

Many survivors of sexual assault feel that they are somehow to blame for what happened to them. Know that victims are never to blame for their victimization. No matter what you did/did not do, you cannot be responsible for the actions of someone else.

Survivors are often concerned that if they are underage and were drinking at the time of their assault, they will be punished for underage drinking if they report the assault. Know that generally neither the university police, nor the city police, will file charges against a sexual assault survivor for underage drinking.




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