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Male Survivors

When many people think of sexual assault, they think of it as a "women’s problem." However, men are also victims of sexual assault. Men are assaulted by other men, and sometimes by women. Approximately one out of every five males will be sexually abused as a child, and some estimates show that as many as 16% of males will be sexually assaulted as an adult.

If you are a male survivor, remember that what has happened to you is not your fault. No matter where you were or what you did, or did not do, you are not to blame. You cannot be responsible for the actions of anyone else.

Sometimes when a man is assaulted, he may be reluctant to report it or talk about it because of fears that his “manhood” will be questioned. Our culture expects men to be tough, aggressive and “in control”. When a man is raped by another man, he may be reluctant to come forward for fear of being labeled homosexual or gay. This may be an even greater concern in cases in which the victim has an erection or ejaculates. This is a physical response that can happen even if the victim is afraid, unwilling, or even unconscious. However, the survivor may fear being perceived as a willing participant, rather than a victim.

Talking with someone about your experiences can aid your recovery. Free and confidential services are available, and accessing services will not result in a report being filed.

Know that most university faculty and staff must report incidents of sexual assault to the Office of Equal Opportunity, Ethics and Access. The university is committed to both supporting your well-being and safety and acting to ensure the safety of our campus community and has therefore, established procedures for addressing incidents of sexual misconduct/assault and relationship violence. The survivor, however, determines his/her level of participation in this process. Sexual Assault Prevention and Survivor Services and counselors are not required to report incidents to OEOEA.

(information adapted from: Male Survivors: Help for Victims, Family and Friends Published by the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault, September 2000)

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