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Grief and Loss

Among the more difficult human problems we'll all face at some point in our lives is that of dealing with loss and the feelings associated with this experience. Few of us are sufficiently prepared for how profoundly we are affected not only by the loss itself, but also by its impact on us. When we lose someone dear to us or something central to our lives we often begin a personal journey that can leave us feeling empty, confused, angry, disenchanted with life, distractible, and perhaps even depressed.

More often than not we pull inward, withdrawing from the world around us and from what formerly held our interest--friends, family, work, school. etc. Unfortunately, this tendency to pull away, close off or even shut down, can prevent us from engaging in exactly those activities that enable us to work through grief and accept our loss. Grieving a death at college can be particularly difficult to do.


If the description above fits you, please give serious consideration to talking to someone and to committing yourself to working through these feelings. You have the option to:

  • Make an appointment with a staff member at Student Counseling Services
  • Make an on-going effort to talk with others who are also suffering the loss, as you are
  • Seek out the counsel of a spiritual advisor and use that relationship to help yourself make sense of "why did this have to happen?"
  • Continue to explore the self-help links below

If the description above fits someone you care for, consider:

  • Making an effort to keep in close contact with them, encouraging them to talk about the loss and their reactions to it
  • Encouraging them to see professional help
  • Encouraging them to avail themselves of the religious or spiritual community
  • Continuing to explore the self-help links below