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College years are often described as the "best times of your life." A large part of that description comes from the healthy bonds that college students often form with others through academic and social events.

On the other hand, it may feel like college is the "worst time of your life" if those bonds are not as strong or as positive as you might like. Peer and romantic relationships can be significant stressors and lead to a less enjoyable college experience. What’s more, they often lead us to feel rejected, frustrated, angry or hurt.

Fortunately, relationships can be healed in several ways. For example, writing a letter or talking to a mutual friend can often help to ease the conflict.

Illinois State also has campus organizations that can help. Student Dispute Resolution Services offers peer mediation, and Student Counseling Services also offers help and support to those who struggle with forming, maintaining, or repairing relationships.

The links below will connect you to a number of informative sources on relationship issues. Consider visiting these sources if you are currently struggling with relationships in your life.

Coping With College Articles (PDF)