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Most students feel anxious at some point – before tests, or when meeting new people. However, when students experience anxiety too frequently, it can really diminish their effectiveness and their quality of life. Fortunately, there are many resources available to students who need help managing anxiety.

 Types of anxiety

Do you wonder if your anxiety is getting out of hand? Take our online anxiety screening to learn more about your level of anxiety and if counseling might be beneficial. Learn about different types of anxiety and common treatments.

Relaxation Strategies

Relaxation and anxiety are mutually exclusive states and learning your best way to unwind can be very effective in decreasing your anxiety. However, relaxation strategies have to be practiced frequently to become effective. Meditation is a great way to calm the mind and decrease anxiety. The Leaves on a Stream meditation helps you disconnect from anxious thoughts. Or try some of these mindfulness meditations. Health Promotion & Wellness offers a very effective 4-week mindfulness class which teaches students the basics of mindfulness. Deep breathing and Progressive muscle relaxation are also time-tested ways to calm down.

Change Your Thinking

Negative thinking patterns fuel anxiety. Cognitive-Behavior therapy is one of the best treatments for anxiety – and it's not difficult to implement.

Additional Resources

Sometimes students need a little help taming their anxious thoughts. SCS has a 4-week anxiety workshop which teaches students many of the skills listed above. Schedule an initial appointment and ask your intake counselor if the anxiety workshop would be the right step for you.

Although it is tempting to use alcohol or other drugs to reduce anxiety, this strategy usually results in more anxiety as alcohol and drugs continue to impair performance.

Links to Other Resources
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