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Adjusting to Illinois State

There are times when the life of a university student is quite challenging. Many students struggle with adjusting to being away from home, learning to manage new responsibilities, developing new friendships and maintaining old friendships, coping with living in residence halls, becoming involved in campus life, etc.

Should these or any other "adjustment" type issues begin to bog you down, perhaps coming into Counseling Services and talking to a member of our professional staff would be most helpful.

Worried about homesickness or loneliness? Not sure about how to get involved? Staff of the SCS have written a few articles (below) about these and other similar topics in the campus newspaper and we've collected them for students to read.

Or, you may find some helpful information under Topics of Interest. We urge you to continue working through these problems. Their successful resolution becomes the foundation of a successful university experience. Meeting these challenges prepares you for others to come in future periods of transition.