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Changes You Might Expect

Most find the experience of sending a loved one to college to be a mixed bag of emotions. From freshman to senior year (and beyond) change is in store. Independence grows as students continue to mature and learn how to manage life and their place in the world. But what does that mean for you as parents and loved ones?

As a parent, it can be difficult to know when to intervene and when to step back. Usually a parent's best guideline is to provide support while recognizing that there will be ups and downs in the college experience.

Taking a step back can be uncomfortable, and at times frightening, because there is no guarantee students will assume responsibility or make the decision you would hope they make. Remind yourself that by stepping back you are helping your student develop critically needed decision-making skills.

Running into challenges is common in college. Finding support in dealing with these challenges is important. Illinois State has many resources such as Student Counseling Services, Academic Support, and the Career Center to address the ongoing needs of your student. Supporting your student by guiding him or her to the numerous campus resources is often your best option. We also encourage you to check out this parents guide on Orientation to College Life.

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