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Services for Your Student

If you know your loved one will need services

It is not unusual for a student to come to the University having already received counseling or psychiatric services. Before arriving to campus, please feel free to call SCS to obtain information about available options once on campus. Student Health Services at Illinois State also serves as an important link to pharmacy and medical services that your student may need.

We often recommend counseling for these common instances:

  • Personal relationship issues - Such as divorce or separation in the family, death of a loved one, pregnancy, or breakups.
  • Significant changes in mood - Such as crying spells, withdrawal from others, outbursts of anger or rage, or bizarre behaviors.
  • Threats of harm to self or others - Since it is difficult to distinguish the seriousness of threats related to suicide or harm to others, please consult with a staff counselor or mental health professional.
  • Anxiety and depression - These are two of the more common symptoms which can significantly impair a student's functioning.
  • Physical symptoms - Such as tension headaches, loss of appetite, excessive eating, insomnia, excessive sleeping, or stomach distress may be a sign of stress due to challenging life events. Recommendations to follow up with Student Health Services or with a counselor may prove helpful.
  • Drinking (or drug use) - Particularly if you notice that it is hindering the overall functioning of your student.
  • Concern about academics - Such as contemplating dropping out of school, worrying about possible academic failure, or considering transferring to another school.
  • Career choice issues

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list and any concern affecting your loved one's life is worth seeking assistance for.