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Relaxation Room

The Relaxation Room provides clients a safe and comfortable space where they can learn how to relax, quiet their mind, and effectively cope with stress. The Relaxation Room is located within the Student Counseling Services Center and trained staff can guide clients through a personalized relaxation experience that incorporates deep breathing, mindfulness meditation, art therapy, full body relaxation, and more.

The Relaxation Room features a comfortable chair, bio-feedback and relaxation software, relaxing music, art supplies, a yoga mat, pillows and soft lighting. Students must be in either individual or group therapy at Student Counseling Services to use the Relaxation Room. Sometimes students alternate meeting with a counselor with relaxation sessions.

If you think you would benefit from learning some relaxation strategies, contact Student Counseling Services and schedule an intake session. Please let the intake counselor know that you are interested in using the Relaxation Room!

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