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Group Counseling

Group therapy is frequently the treatment of choice for college students; in many ways group therapy is the very best of what we have to offer. If group therapy has been recommended to you it’s because your counselor believes that it is the best way to address your concerns. What is talked about in group is completely confidential and not discussed with anyone outside of group sessions.

How Group Counseling Works

Group counseling brings together a small number of individuals (usually 8-10) with one or more trained group leaders. Group members share what is troubling them. The process of sharing with each other, listening to each other, giving and receiving feedback, offering support and expressing their feelings about what someone else says or does can be extremely helpful. Group members begin to see that they are not alone. This interaction encourages individuals to develop new ways of behaving and learning more about how they interact with others. As a result, the original difficulties people brought to group become resolved.

General Process Groups

Student counseling services offers approximately 10 General Process Groups per semester. Students involved in the groups have a variety of different goals and presenting concerns. These groups provide supportive environments for students to give and receive feedback, offer support, express feelings, and share concerns.

Topical Groups

There are a variety of topical Groups offered at Student Counseling Services.

Eating Disorders/Body Image Group

This group is a general process group for females with eating concerns, negative body image, over-exercise, chronic dieting, emotional eating and the like.  The group is intended to provide female students a safe and supportive environment where members can share concerns, express thoughts and feelings, give and receive feedback, and offer support, all while working towards their individually determined therapy goals.

Student of Color Process Group

The Student of Color process group provides a safe and supportive space for students of color to make sense of and give voice to the wide range of feelings.  It is designed to provide  space for students to openly engage in dialogues around issues and concerns related to what it means to be a student of color in an academically rigorous and predominantly white environment.  Such dialogue will occur in a therapeutic environment with qualified therapists facilitating the group process.  Central themes to be discussed may include but are not limited to:  academic concerns, family & romantic relationships, sexism, racism, micro-aggressions, imposter syndrome, stereotype threat, self-awareness, self-esteem, emotional health issues and other stressors related to being a person of color in this environment.  Group members will also have an opportunity to provide and receive feedback related to how others experience them within the group context.

Graduate & Non-Traditional Students Group

This group is a general process group for graduate students and non-traditional age students. It allows for members to connect on the unique demands related to being graduate students. Group members have a variety of different goals and presenting concerns. This group provides a supportive environment for members to give and receive feedback, offer support, express feelings, and share concerns.

Joining A Group

Interested students can schedule an initial appointment by calling (309) 438-3655. The counselor can help the student decide if one of the groups would be the most effective treatment for them.


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