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Identifying Interests, Values and Skills

  • Take an interest inventory and discuss the results with a counselor at Student Counseling Services in Room 320, Student Services Building (SSB).
  • Consider preferred subjects in high school or college. Sample new subject areas with elective coursework to expand your options and to discover new interests.
  • Examine "career day dreams," leisure activities and hobbies for clues to your interests and values.
  • Attend the Career Choice Class, IDS 106, or look for current workshop offerings from the Student Counseling Services or the Career Center
  • Complete FOCUS, a fun, interactive computer assisted career exploration tool available on-line from the Career Center.

Exploring the World of Work and Education

  • Use your Holland Code (identified by taking a Self-Directed Search interest inventory at the Student Counseling Center, 320 SSB) to explore college majors.
  •  Check out the Career Start links below to read about careers of interest, or find out what to do with a major. Also visit a Career Library or the Career Section of your favorite bookstore.
  •  Check out the Web shop on Networking and The Hidden Job Market to learn about interviewing people in career fields by conducting informational interviews. Bolles' (1998) book What Color is Your Parachute? also describes how to conduct informational interviews. 
  •  Read Career Articles on choosing a major and career decision making
  •  Gather occupational information using the O*Net and other links below
  •  Examine the required courses and plans of study associated with the college majors you are considering. Talk with your Academic Advisor. General students visit Academic Advising through University College in 340 Fell Hall


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