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Career Decisions

Reasons People Have Trouble Making Decisions

  • Fearing failure.
  • Fearing success. Believing that others will always expect perfection if you succeed once.
  • Lacking the ability to set priorities, so you don’t know what to do first.
  • Not knowing where to get the information you need to help you decide.
  • Hoping someone else will decide.
  • Having little experience in making decisions and feeling overwhelmed.
  • Not being willing to sacrifice immediate comfort for the long-term gain.
  • Fearing others will disapprove of your decision.
  • Thinking, "I can’t do something if no one else that I know is doing it."
  • Believing your decisions won’t matter.

Steps to Take in Making A Decision

Step 1: Exploration - Identify the problem

  • Define the decision.
  • Clarify the time-line.
  • Identify the conflicts faced.

Step 2: Generating Alternatives

  • Locate the resources needed to explore option.
  • Consider options and new alternatives.
  • Consider personal values – What is important to you?

Step 3: Predicting Outcomes

  • Consider both good and bad outcomes associated with alternatives.
  • Consider the probability that a given outcome will happen.
  • Remind yourself that you can only choose an alternative, not an outcome.

Step 4: Selecting an Alternative

  • After examining the outcomes and risks, choose an alternative.
  • Identify the "next steps" to put your decision into action.

Step 5: Re-evaluation (examine the outcome from your decision and decide if you are satisfied)

  • If so, plan steps to further implement your decision.
  • If not, examine your options again, and consider changing.

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