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S.O.S. - Sharing Our Silence

S.O.S. Sharing Our Silence provides a forum to help break the silence surrounding sexual assault and unwanted sexual experiences. Students are invited to anonymously share their own experience, or how the experience of someone they know has impacted them. It is an opportunity to talk about the impact of sexual violence and inform others about the reality of sexual violence within our campus community. Talking about one's experience aids healing, and increases awareness of sexual violence. Awareness is the first step towards prevention.

You can help others by sharing your silence. Survivors often struggle with feelings of shame and isolation, and may not yet have found their own voice or courage. Use your voice to help others heal, inform your community and shatter the silence!

  • Submit a one page anonymous story of an unwanted sexual experience you or someone you know has had. Focus on how you have been impacted and what you want others to know.
  • Selected stories, which may be edited for content and length, are routinely posted online at counseling.IllinoisState.edu. Stories may be edited prior to posting/publication.
  • Story requirements: Anonymous, with no names/identifiable places; no vulgar language
  • Submit your story online 
  • Read S.O.S. - Sharing Our Silence stories

Healing is aided by talking with someone about your experience. Free and confidential services are available at Student Counseling Services.

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