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Sexual Assault Prevention and Survivor Services

Illinois State University is concerned about the safety and well-being of its students, and it is important for students to know where to turn for help and what to do in the case of sexual assault. 

Treatment and support services are available to women and men who are assaulted, whether it is by a stranger, casual acquaintance, close friend, or date.  Although most victims of sexual assault are women, men are also victims.  Healing from sexual assault is impeded by silence, denial and self-blame.  Healing is helped by seeking the support of others.  One of the most important things a survivor of sexual assault can do is seek help and support. 

Illinois State’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Survivor Services coordinator, Gail Trimpe-Morrow, is available to provide support and assist with ongoing recovery needs.  Services are free and confidential and students are encouraged to seek services.  The coordinator can be reached directly at (309) 438-7948, or an appointment can be scheduled through Student Counseling Services at (309) 438-3655.

Know that most university faculty and staff must report incidents of sexual assault to the Office of Equal Opportunity, Ethics and Access (OEOEA).  The university is committed to both supporting your well-being and safety and acting to ensure the safety of our campus community and has therefore, established procedures for addressing incidents of sexual misconduct/assault and relationship violence.  The survivor, however,
determines his/her level of participation in this process.

Sexual Assault Prevention and Survivor Services and counselors are not required to report incidents to OEOEA.

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