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Romantic Relationships

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." This kind of sums up the dilemmas faced in romantic relationships! The links and articles you’ll find below will speak to many of the issues college students face in their romantic relationships.

Although where you go on dates, how you communicate with your special someone are always changing, some of the dilemmas have not. You may wonder about issues like, "Is my partner being faithful?"; "Should I try to keep a long distance relationship going while I’m at college?"; or "How do I get over a break-up?" These issues and many more discussed in the short articles that follow. If there are special dating-related issues you’d like to see more information about contact us.

If you feel you need to talk something through about dating relationships or other personal issues the Student Counseling Services is available to students at Illinois State University. To make an appointment contact us at 438-3655. It can be helpful to have a place to sort through your feelings so you can make wise choices and get back to "the best of times."


Coping With College Articles (PDF)

Links to Other Resources

Dealing with Breakups

Long Distance Relationships

Dangerous Relationships

Healthy Relationship Traits

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