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Choosing a Major or Career

Choosing a major is a common difficulty for college students. Some students may lack information on certain majors, while others are interested in many majors and are unable to pick among the many appealing options.

Whatever the reason, it is important that you pick a major that is a good "fit" for you. Having this kind of "fit" will help you have more success and happiness in college, your career, and beyond.

Below is a three-stage model for career development, along with links that will connect you to resources that can help you at each stage. If you are still struggling with choosing a major or a career focus, feel free to contact Student Counseling Services to arrange a meeting with a staff member to discuss your career concerns.

Discover helpful tips and information to begin the career planning process by visiting the three sections of Career Start Self Help linked below:

  • Explore: Look for alternatives. What’s out there? What majors might you explore? What careers might you enjoy? 
  • Clarify: Get detailed information about interesting options. Find the costs and benefits for each option. Try things on “for size” before committing. 
  • Commit: Take steps to make your dream become a reality. Taking steps now can help you shape your future.

Coping With College Articles (PDF)

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