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Body Image and Eating Disorders

To live with a body image or eating problem often means to live in an isolated prison of negative thoughts where phrases such as:

  • "You’re too fat!"
  • "You’re too scrawny"
  • "Your (fill in body part) is too big/small!"
  • "You’re ugly!"

If you have thoughts similar to the ones listed or know of someone who does, please know you are not alone. Many males and females struggle with body image and eating concerns. 

The resources below offer advice including ways to combat the negative thoughts, tips on helping a friend, and places to turn to for help. Also, consider taking the free, anonymous eating disorder screening. If you have any questions about the results from the screening or information you find on the web sites please contact the Student Counseling Services Eating Disorders Coordinator, Dr. Jenni Thome at (309) 438-3655.


Illinois State University Resources

  • Eating Concerns Assessment and Treatment Team (ECATT) - A collaborative group of health professionals across the ISU campus providing services for treating and preventing eating disorders.
  • The Body Project  -  The Body Project endeavors to help participants resist the ultrathin, unrealistic ideal standard of female beauty prevalent in today’s society.

Coping With College Articles (PDF)

Links to Other Resources

Video Resources

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