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Body Image & Eating Disorders

Of all the characteristics that contribute to our self-identity, the way we view our body is often one of the most significant. Body image is the way we perceive our body and how we feel about and in it. Having a healthy body image can become particularly challenging for college students.

Student Counseling Services provides a variety of workshops, campaigns, resources, and initiatives to help address body image and related eating concerns. Contact Student Counseling Services at (309) 438-3655, email the Eating Disorders Services Coordinator or stop by our office in the Student Services Building, Room 320, for more information.

ISU Students Body Image Video

Wonder what other Redbirds think about body image? 


The Body Project

The purpose of The Body Project is to help females establish and maintain a positive body image.  As the first scientifically supported evidence based eating disorders prevention program, The Body Project endeavors to help participants resist the ultrthin, unrealistic ideal standard of female beautiy prevalent in today's society.  Using highly interactive, peer-led, small groups, The Body Project is a two-part intervention program designed by experts and implemented through trained peer leaders on college campuses throughout North America.

The program does not focus on eating disorders; rather, it emphasizes creating and reaffirming positive and healthy personal body image through a variety of structured discussions, activities, and exercises.  To that end, participants learn to embrace the healthy-ideal and reduce their own body dissatisfaction by decreasing "fat talk" in their daily life, engaging in Body Activism, and embracing all of the wonderful non-appearance related aspects of themselves and others.





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