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Referring Students to Resources

Sometimes, however, a student will have problems that you are not comfortable addressing. In these situations, the best and most appropriate option is to refer the student to others who can provide assistance. When you believe a referral to SCS is the best option, consider these guidelines:

  • Be direct! Say something like, "It sounds as if you’re telling me this problem is more complicated. I think it might be more useful to talk to a professional counselor."
  • Assure the student that the objective - yet concerned - stance taken by a counselor may be exactly what is needed to help resolve the problem.
  • Students may be hesitant to contact a mental health professional. Try to normalize the process. Let the student know that you don’t think he or she is seriously disturbed.
  • In addition to SCS, other resources could be useful, including contact with family members, friends, clergy, and other campus or community agencies. Consult with a SCS staff member to identify referral resources. SCS can assist you or the student with appropriate referrals.
  • If a student seems reluctant to utilize SCS or other services, suggest that he or she call PATH at (309) 827-4005. PATH offers a 24-hour telephone help line that is often seen as less threatening.

Initial Assessment and Interview

A student seeking services from the SCS first meets with a counselor for an initial assessment. During the initial assessment, the counselor will talk with the student about his or her concerns and about what type of service or referral will best meet the student’s needs. Initial assessment interviews are available on an appointment basis.

Ongoing Services

SCS provides a number of services to students.

  • Group counseling - Available to all students. This is recommended for students dealing with interpersonal concerns and self-esteem issues. 
  • Individual counseling - Available to students who are registered for at least one credit. In individual counseling, a student meets weekly with a counselor to discuss personal concerns and problems. The topics students often talk about vary, but often include depression, stress, relationships, alcohol and drug use, and career decisions.
  • Psychiatric consultations - Available to students to discuss issues related to medication.

Career Services

The Career Services area of SCS assists students in the initial exploration and development of their career plans. Counselors help students choose an academic major, identify and examine career options, or identify personal needs and interests related to their career.

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